Beerburrum is a small town located on the Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive, now also known as Steve Irwin Way. It’s an historic township that offers visitors a chance to learn more about local history and heritage.

The name Beerburrum is derived from that of the mountain, Mount Beerburrum, located walking distance from the town centre.

The Beerburrum State Forest is best known for its magnificent views of the Glasshouse Mountains, as well as the fact that it’s one of the few remaining coastal rainforests in the region.

As well as Mount Beerburrum, you will find a range of short walks where you can explore the forests which lead to those magnificent views. Many people come to Beerburrum State Forest to go four-wheel-driving, trail bike riding, horse riding and mountain bike riding.

Notable historic landmarks in Beerburrum include its World War I signage which commemorates the settlement of the area, which was established to provide opportunities for Australian soldiers returning from World War I.