Take any inland tourist route and eventually you’ll come to this bustling town in the Heart of the Mary River Valley.

Centrepiece is this grand old dame – The Kenilworth Pub, home to one of the most fiercely contested raffles known to the area.

You won’t find a more authentic hostelry around – architecture, food, booze, atmosphere, service with a smile – she’s got the lot!

The road along the Mary River Valley is a great drive with many alluring stopping places to absorb the tranquil beauty of the region.

Hungry? Then you’re in luck at Kenilworth. If the pub doesn’t fit your bill there is a range of eateries and you are bound to find one which will be just perfect for your pocket and tastes.

This delightful sidewalk restaurant offers superb dining ambience and a mouth-watering menu selection.

A magnificent refuelling opportunity for the Mary River Valley traveller.