Landsborough, a blend of old and new, brings together the rustic charm of a bygone era and the modern facilities of a growing community.

Where once the thunder of bullock teams reverberated against tall timbers, the wide streets of old Landsborough are now a sea of green islands providing sweet respite for travellers from all points of the compass.

Lying on astride the intersection of the Blackall Range and Glass House Mountains tourist routes, Landsborough is served by modern electric rail, coaches and taxi services.

Take a wander along the emerging heritage trail or stop for a “cuppa” in the modern business centre.

Landsborough hosts a magnificent museum and has a charming railway Station building.

The town is named after William Landsborough, Statesman, Explorer and Government Official. William spent his final years on a property at Golden Beach, Caloundra.

Today, a cairn in the Golden Beach Shopping Centre stands as a tribute to him. In 1890, when the steam trains came rumbling through, Mellum Creek changed it’s name to Landsborough and began to move towards the railway station. In the 1990’s, as a tribute to William Landsborough, the Shire of Landsborough Historical Society Inc. launched the first William Landsborough Day – a day for families to enjoy the traditions of our past and to visit the land the William explored and enjoyed.