How Many Glass House Mountains Are There?

The craggy peaks of the Glass House Mountains tower above the surrounding Sunshine Coast landscape. Most visitors to the area can name three: Beerwah, the largest of the Glass House Mountains; Coonowrin, or Crookneck, the hardest to climb; and Tibrogargan, the one that looks like a gorilla! But how many Glass House Mountains are there?

Well, the answer’s not as straight forward as you might think. I lived in Beerwah for ten years, and I couldn’t have told you at the time…

Let’s start with what we do know:

A view of some of the Glass House Mountains from the fire tower platform on Wild Horse Mountain (123m) in Beerburrum State Forest. Photo: Queensland Government.

There appear to be 13 named peaks in the region, with 15 different summits. From largest to smallest, we have:

  1. Mount Beerwah (555m – 556m)
  2. Mount Coonowrin, or Crookneck (377m)
  3. Mount Tibrogargan (364m)
  4. Mount Tunbubudla, or the Twins (338m and 294m)
  5. Mount Beerburrum (276m – 278m)
  6. Mount Ngungun (253m)
  7. Mount Coochin, or the Coochin Hills (235m and 230m)
  8. Mount Tibberoowuccum (220m)
  9. Mount Miketeebumulgrai (202m)
  10. Wild Horse Mountain (123m)
  11. Mount Elimbah, or the Saddleback (109m)
  12. Mount Cooee (106m)
  13. Round Mountain (approximately 100m?)

Note – September 2019. These heights may not be correct. Various sources provide varying heights, so we will be attempting to verify them over the coming months.

While researching this list, I can understand why people get confused. Even the Wikipedia entry said Wild Horse Mountain and Round Mountain are different names for the same peak. But Wild Horse Mountain is just east of the highway near Beerwah, and Round Mountain is south of Elimbah on the way to Caboolture!

To add to the confusion, in 2006 the Glass House Mountains were added to the National Heritage List, and then the Queensland Heritage Register in 2007, but it appears only ten peaks made the cut. But again, digging a little deeper, those ten are in the Glass House Mountains National Park and the others in Beerburrum Forest Reserve.

To summarise, 13 appears to be the (unverified) lucky number at this stage. We will verify these details in the coming months.

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